As winter schedule settles in at Damasa, I need reminding of all the steps I haven’t had to do for the last seven months.  This morning when I went to feed hay to the cattle, I had a little surprise.  from the other side of the hay pile I could see the cattle were closer than they should have been.  On closer inspection I could see they had broke loose the wooden pallet I use to close off a corner of the gates.  This allowed them to get direct access to the whole hay pile! Of coarse they couldn’t find their way back to the right side of the gate, lucky for me there was a walkout door I had locked I could open allowing them to run out.  Thank goodness it only took a few nails and it was fixed. (note to self, check all gate soundness before adding cattle)


On a side note, we found a wayward chicken today.  I guess when the coyote attached a few weeks ago, she escaped the carnage and had been hiding in the trees ever sense.  Now she is safe back with her chicken sisters. (now to get those gals to start producing again)


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