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Farewell Good Friend

The circle of life is playing out on the farm right now.  Our 12 year old Border collie cross is coming to the end of her life.  While on the farm pets like dogs and cats come and go faster then in an urban setting, so do last and become a close part of the family.  Angel came to us right after my father died.  In a way I felt a little of the movie “Fluke” may have happened, but never really thought my dad was inside Angel.  Angel is special because she was here through the majority of my children’s growing up.  David was 9, Marie 7, and Sam the animal lover was  4.  Angel saw them ride their first bike, learn to mow lawn, drive a car, go on a date, and for two of them, see them graduate and leave the nest.  She had a side kick Rascal most of those years, but she met an untimely death 18 months ago.  Angel would guard the children as they played on the swing set, and happily greet us when we would come home.  Never chewed up anything she wasn’t suppose to, and helped keep the farm clear of skunks and other varmints.  She was a cat killer, until we brought Marshmallow home, and had to have a serious talk with her.  Now she lets them curl around her nose as they walk by.  The last three years she has spent the winters in the house with us because of a failed ACL surgery.  She would come down to the first landing and sleep there like a lair of her own watching over us humans.  Now she has some sickness that doesn’t allow her to keep down anything she eats.  She is slowly starving to death, so Monday I will have to help end her struggle with a visit to the vet.  Thank you old friend for  all the love you have given our family.  I’m glad you came to us……..