Nature is a funny thing

After 46 years of living on the same property, I have grown used to the changes in the seasons and what to expect.  With that being said, I still see things that make me smile.  While mowing areas of the back yard that grows tall before each mowing, (something I need to work on) I had a chance to watch  my two young dogs “hunt” grasshoppers.  They were finding great sport in following the mower, waiting for the larger hoppers to take off in flight.  At that point they would run at full speed leaping into the air to catch their prey.  While the success rate was not high, they were persistent and caught a satisfying amount.  Upon a successful catch, each young dog would delight in chewing the crunchy snack.  Why they crave this snack I don’t know, but there is a lot of things dogs eat that baffle me. 


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